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How can you tell if your horse or dog is in pain or just reluctant or misbehaving? Include chiropractic when checking them out!

Chiropractic care is a holistic drug free approach to the health and performance problems found in both horses and dogs. It is also a great way of preventing future problems by correcting minor, sub-clinical issues before they develop further. Chiropractic focuses on the proper function and alignment of all the joints in the body. If a joint is out of alignment or not moving freely it changes the biomechanics of the joint, which can affect the nerve function. This is called a subluxation. Altered biomechanics in one joint can also cause problems in other joints through compensation.

Treatment is directed at these dysfunctional joints to restore proper motion, nerve function and health. This is done with a low force but very quick adjustment using the hands.

Equine Sports Massage works very well with Chiropractic as it addresses the soft tissue component of musculoskeletal problems. This helps the adjustments hold better and it can reduce the horse's reluctance to be touched in very sensitive or sore areas.

Regular treatments are great for horses in work to prevent minor problems building up and causing injuries.

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