What is chiropractic and massage for animals?

How can horses or dogs be treated?

I will examine each joint in the animal’s spine as well as the limbs, tail and skull for restricted movement by using motion palpation. Any joints that are found to have reduced motion are adjusted to restore proper function. A chiropractic adjustment is defined as a short lever, high velocity, low amplitude thrust utilising specific osseous contacts and line of drive. This means that the adjustment is very specific to the angle of each individual joint and a relatively low force is needed. It is a quick shallow thrust and is done within the joint’s normal range of motion.

horse chiropractic treatment

This adjustment also stimulates the sensory nerve endings, restoring proper neurological function.

The joint dysfunction that chiropractors treat is termed a “subluxation complex” as this altered motion, usually a reduction in movement, can result in altered biomechanics and neurological function. In the spine this is particularly important as the spinal nerves, which lie close to the joints between each vertebra, can be affected by either irritation or even compression. This could then cause disturbances to the impulses carried by these nerves to muscles, joints or even internal organs. Joint dysfunction can also cause pain and tightness in muscles surrounding that joint.
dog chiropractic treatment

Benefits of Equine Sports Massage include:
- relaxing muscle spasm
- improving circulation
- increasing range of motion
- prevent and reduce adhesions
- reduce level of scar tissue following an injury
- promotes relaxation
- improves performance
horse stretching

It is unfair to expect a horse to work when it is in pain or physically unable to do so. We need to be aware of our horse's behaviour as individuals will often try to communicate through changing their behaviour or attitude.