Rupert is a 15 year old TB cross welsh, who regularly competes at riding club level.  He recently seemed to lack enthusiasm and the want to go forward. He had been like this for a couple of months on and off and I was blaming it on the fact he was getting bored of being in the school. He has been as sprightly as anything on hacks and at competitions. My instructor thought he looked stiff in the shoulder and suggested he had a massage. What great advice,  I was really surprised by the results of Petra ’s treatment not only did Rupert’s stiff shoulder seem to clear up he went back to being the forward going fun horse he has always been. He is obviously much happier and looked to enjoy the treatment itself too. I’m very glad I took the advice and have my old horse back. Thank you Petra !!

Charlotte Collyer, Sept. 2013


Sidney has been seeing Petra for the last 2 years and has improved a great deal with her help. Initially Petra found he had several problems, in particular in his neck but also one or two other areas. He was hardly able to turn his neck to the left hence my terrible schooling problems. We have only needed 6 monthly check-ups over the last year as he is working much happier following the first 2 pr 3 treatments. I have seen the benefits so will continue to book check ups as advised as prevention is always better than cure!! I also see Petra (along with my husband and father), my problems have been caused by one or two falls and also work related stress and tension problems. Petra has fixed me on every occasion and relived headache, neck pain and also lower back pain, so we are both performing better after treatments. Sidney is now more willing in the school (although she cant cure laziness!!) and his show jumping has improved over the last 2 years he has stopped the little bucking sessions when we get to Hunter Trials also as he seems more relaxed in his back so I don't think he feels the need to the odd buck to free himself up. Unfortunately, I had a fall at a Hunter Trial 3 months ago which left me with a bad leg injury but we have generally been going from strength to strength in our chosen events so I am keen to get out again after we won a class and picked up a 4th & 5th also at a local unaffiliated Show Jumping event last week.We won the London & South East Regional Trophy in the Open class at the SEIB BHS National Cross Country Championships in September last year & jumped clear in the pairs final and we were placed at almost every Open Hunter Trial we did last year and finished 8th last year on Pachesham Equestrian Centre's points leader board. So far (until my injury) this year we have won Top Score classes at Pachesham and Sands Farm (so he is benefiting from feeling more agile), we have also qualified for two classes at the Sunshine Tour Final to be held at GBEC and we finished 2nd in the British Riding Club Team Novice Show Jumping National Qualifier at Sands Farm we have also won a couple of Eventer's Challenges in the last few months and he is a happy horse! Lauren testimonial


4 Portland Street
St Albans
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May 4th 2007
Petra has done a great job helping to keep my 17h ID x TB mare straight and happy. Alice has an old injury that predisposes her to drop her pelvis to one side and therefore work unevenly on the left rein. Regular chiropractic work helps to keep her level and able to work comfortably and effectively! Petra has a kind yet methodical approach to her work and you really feel the horse has every part thoroughly looked at and adjusted. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an Equine Chiropractor to friends or indeed clients.
Kate Granger Equine Shiatsu Practitioner (tESA)

I met Petra through the recommendation of a friend, at a time when Skipper was very lame, and even the metacam didn't seem to help. Skipper, my 9 year old Jack Russell cross, had been lame and in pain for a couple of months. He was depressed and reluctant to walk, or even to meet other dogs. After several visits, the vet diagnosed a cruciate ligament injury, but was reluctant to operate because of other joint problems. I had almost given up hope when Petra came to visit Skipper. He took to her at once, and as soon as she began to examine him problems were identified. As she gently felt him over, he winced as she touched the problem areas, such as a very tight hamstring. But as she released the tension, he visibly relaxed and turned to look at her appreciatively as if to say "thank you". Petra discovered that as a result of the injured cruciate ligament, his knee joint and the last vertebra of his spine were 'out of alignment'. She was able gently to realign them, and immediately Skipper was able to walk and run around without pain.


Skipper seemed so happy, I let him run around, and it all went out of joint again. But Petra patiently repeated the process, and followed by controlled exercise to strengthen the ligaments, Skipper seems to have made a full recovery.

It is so wonderful to see him leaping about and playing again, with his eyes shining, after so many months of dull-eyed pain. I can absolutely recommend Petra, who made such a huge difference to my beloved Jack Russell. Without her help, I don't think he would have been free of pain.

Jenny Desoutter