What can cause problems?

There are many reasons for subluxations to develop in the spinal or peripheral joints.
For those not familiar with this term, a subluxation is a joint that is out of alignment or not moving freely. This changes the biomechanics of the joint, which can affect the nerve function and affect the muscles around it. Altered biomechanics in one joint can also cause problems in other joints through compensation. The main causes are:

  • Trauma, including micro trauma from repeated movements

  • Intensive training

  • Sprains or strains, slipping or getting cast

  • Poor saddle or bridle fit

  • Poor foot balance or painful feet

  • Problems with teeth or jaw

  • Rider

  • Compensating for chronic pain somewhere, e.g. arthritis

  • Lack of movement

  • Poor nutrition

  • For dogs constant pulling on the lead